Who we are

As a niche college, MERITUS’s unique approach to education is to offer a practical and effective blend of traditional, modern and experiential learning to ensure success. Unlike other colleges which only focus on the academics, MERITUS is committed in producing well rounded graduates, capable of meeting the demands of today’s employers, instilled with the virtues of success and sought after by top organisations upon graduation.

Why choose MERITUS College?

Malaysia’s vision to achieve a high income economy demands knowledge workers who are able to make a difference not only to the organisation but to society at large. They need to be industry leaders, resourceful, creative, analytical, innovative, committed and able to take ownership and solve challenging issues that matter.

Academic Excellence

In order to develop and produce such talents, our delivery concept encompasses a holistic learning environment where students are exposed to theoretical knowledge, life skills and a global perspective as follows:

  • Academic knowledge in the field of hospitality and tourism, culinary and aviation.
  • Life skills through community service and social engagement.
  • Hands-on experience where students will be required to learn about hospitality and tourism with Halim Mazmin’s group of hotels.
  • Authentic learning through real life hands-on experience.
  • Effective communication and presentation skills.
  • Internship with industry leading hotel chains.

Career Advantage

Based on the above approach, graduates of MERITUS will have immediate employability and contribution to the industry. The leadership training that is embedded in the program would give them the required edge in their career development.

MERITUS has established a vast network of strategic partners to bring together professionals in their respective fields such as hospitality and tourism, culinary and aviation to impart their knowledge to our students as well as provide them with internship or employment opportunities when they graduate. In addition, Diploma in Aviation (Pilot Training) is accredited by Civil  Aviation Authority of Malaysia.

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First-hand Experience

Our campus is situated vicinity within Halim Mazmin’s hotel group providing first hand hotel and hospitality learning environment

Bella Vista

Professional Qualification

Our graduates are trained to be problem solvers, rather than trained to do a job and then report problems when they arise.

Quality Education

We are an approved Private Institution of Higher Education (IPTS) by the Ministry of Higher Education. All programmes offered are approved by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA).

What our students say…

It is not just a place to learn but it is about building your character. It’s like going back to a second home.

- Asif Zamri

You will learn a lot about hospitality industry. It’s the best place to study. They also give you advance experience.

- Zul Hieyl Mie

The best place to study with lots of fun and great activities.

- Chan Han Yee

Happy day with a small family and doing a great great great activities together.

- Miesz Miezan

Tempat yang amat kondusif untuk pembelajaran. Bidang hospitaliti memang sesuai untuk bakal pelajar menimba ilmu memandangkan kolej terletak di pulau peranginan yang menjadi tumpuan pelancong.

- Jailani Che Idrus

Best education and industry exposure for students.

- Mren Nol